Conga Square – Secada Mondatta


Conga Square - Secada Mondatta

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A1. Fifth Season
B1. Raiders
B2. Secada Mondatta
Release date 11.24.17

The first release on Palto Flats’ PFF series for contemporary electronic / experimental / dance releases in limited format. Conga Square – Secada Mondatta treads similar musical territories as Tolouse Low Trax, Burnt Friedman & Holger Czukay.

Featuring Jimy Seitang, Brian Close (Georgia) Andrew Felix & Ross Menuez. First track, ‘Fifth Season’ spends its 9’+ duration locked in a downtempo groove, ‘Raiders’ is cavernous electronic jazz, and ‘Secada Mondatta’ is minimal dubby electro with propulsive rhythmic patterns.
Conga Square was recorded and mixed by Davey Jewell in NYC & LA, and mastered/cut by Helmut Erler at Dubplates & Mastering. Artwork & design by Brian Close.